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EuroGard Trowel Applied Mortar System is 3/16"-1/4" protective resurfacing system utilizing a high solids polymers and graded silica sand or special aggregates, high build grout, seal coat and selected skid inhibiting aggregates (to create anti skid surfaces if desired).

EuroGard™ system can receive colored paint flakes or quartz aggregates to produce a decorative look.


  • 100 % solids and low odor during installation
  • VOC compliant for minimal odor during installation (series 100 and 300).
  • Protects substrates from heavy conditions of thermal shock, impact, and wear.
  • Resists degradation from many chemicals, acids, and alkalis.
  • Wide range of colors available.
  • Aesthetically pleasing appearance (using colored quartz or flake).
  • Varied skid inhabitance.


Heavy duty protection in:

  • Industrial heavy impact and wear areas
  • Loading docks
  • Food and beverage manufacturing process areas
  • Industrial kitchens.
  • Drum storage areas.
  • Repair of heavily worn concrete floors

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